5 Benefits of CBD for Dogs

More than ever people are treating their pets like extra furry humans — they are another member of the family. According to The New York Times, surveys have found that more than ever, homebuyers are taking their dogs’ needs into consideration when they’re selecting a new home. 

It makes sense, too. Pet companions are a huge part of our world! In trying to make the best life possible for your dog, you may have been curious about utilizing CBD for pets. CBD oil for dogs is safe and can actually have a variety of benefits for your furry companion, especially when added to their food regularly. Here are five of the major benefits of using CBD for dogs

1. CBD For Dogs Can Help Them Adjust After A Move

As mentioned above, more people are taking their dogs into consideration when they’re choosing where to move. Even if you find the most perfect pooch palace, there’s still going to be an adjustment period once you move your dog to the new home. There are new sounds and smells, which can be very overwhelming for a pup, especially if he or she is already prone to being a little bit nervous. 

Much like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system, which means their bodies can process and benefit from CBD. During a move, CBD oil for dogs can potentially help them adjust to their new surroundings more quickly. CBD can have a calming effect on dogs, so the ice machine on the new refrigerator doesn’t seem so scary. Make sure you begin to add CBD to their routine before the move in order for them to reap the most benefits. 

2. CBD For Dogs Can Bring Comfort To Your Aging Furry Friend

Keeping your dog comfortable as he or she ages will always be a priority for pet parents. Your best friend has given you so much joy, and in their twilight years, the best you can do is keep them as happy as possible. CBD for pets is known to be soothing, especially for those with arthritis and other aches. Mix some Pets Peanut Butter Broad Spectrum CBD drops into your dog’s favorite food. It’ll taste like a treat and provide holistic balance to your dog’s body. 

3. CBD For Dogs Can Give You Peace Of Mind When You Go Out

It’s never great when you hear from your neighbors that your dog cries for you the entire time you’re at work or out with friends. It’s heartbreaking actually and can strain your neighborly relationships. One of the benefits of regularly feeding your pooch CBD drops is that you might see a reduction in this kind of behavior. In general, CBD can help your dog feel a little more at peace, whether you’re home or out on the town. 

4. CBD Topicals For Dogs Can Help Fight Dry Paws

Even if your dog wears cute little booties on walks in the winter, the air’s still dry, which can result in cracked, uncomfortable paws. CBD Paw Balm is a safe way to moisturize and replenish not only your pup’s foot pads, but also his nose. It’s completely “lick” safe and will give her dog the softest “handshake” ever!

5. CBD Oil For Dogs Can Put Some Pep Back In Your Old Friend’s Step 

If your dog is past those puppy years, you might have noticed a dip in their energy level. CBD oil for dogs can be a bit of a pick-me-up because it helps support equilibrium. Your dog’s energy level may seem a little brighter after a few weeks of CBD, so make sure you carve out extra time in your schedule to play fetch.

When you’ve decided on what kind of CBD to give your dog, make sure you pay attention to the serving size on the container. It’s recommended to start with a small amount and build up to the full serving. Too much of a good thing may upset your dog’s tummy, so introduce it gradually and stick to the instructions.