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The Difference Between Broad Spectrum & Full Spectrum CBD

If you’re just now entering the world of CBD, you may notice there’s a lot more to it than just picking a CBD gummy flavor. Ordering CBD online can be an exploratory and convenient process, but it can also be overwhelming if you’re not quite su

Our Top 3 CBD Products For Better Sleep

There’s nothing like a good night’s rest to set you up for a great day! Unfortunately, it’s been documented that “ 70 percent of Americans regularly experience insufficient sleep.” That’s a lot of tired people walking around! If you can totally

Why CBD Lotion Is Getting Rave Reviews

Anyone who has relied on lotion to get them through a long, cold winter will know it’s a life saver. Not only is it refreshing to your skin, but it can also add a touch of luxury to your daily routine. Even when it’s not frigid outside, lotion is

Recharge With This Vanilla Mint Latte Recipe

Cooling, strong and sweet, mint is one of the world’s most-loved and balanced flavors, and it’s certainly one of our favorites. Mint leaves are packed with flavor and that signature scent—if you pick mint fresh, you’ll be smelling it for hours. It

CBD EDU: Using CBD for Energy

Everyone has had days where life feels a little bit like a slog. Sometimes that feeling can permeate for weeks and even months! How many friends do you know that need coffee throughout the day just to stay alert? Coffee is great for a quick boost,

CBD Milligrams: What Do They Mean and Why Do They Matter?

Humans love to measure just about everything in their environment. From looking at a floor plan in a new home to the amount of sugar that’s going into their cookies, people love to be precise. The human desire for exact measurement is for a good r

CBD for Better Sleep

You probably don’t wake up from a long slumber looking and feeling like Princess Aurora from the classic Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty. In fact, you may have woken up this morning wondering if you even slept at all. If that sounds like you, you’re

CBD EDU: CBD and Muscle Discomfort

Working out and being physically active have so many health benefits beyond just looking “swol.” Being active also elevates your mood and reduces stress. That being said, after a tough day of working out or just being on your feet for an extended

CBD and Mental Wellness

Mental wellness has finally entered the popular arena and is being discussed more openly among friends, families, and doctors. The more mental health is talked about, the more it’s destigmatized. Being able to spread the word about mental healt

CBD EDU: CBG - All the Rage or Here to Stay?

In the world of health and wellness, you see fads come and go as quickly as the changing seasons. One minute coffee is healthier than tea, the next tea is healthier than coffee. It can be really difficult to stay on top of the times. Sprinkle some

CBD - This Year’s Spring Hiking Gear Essential

Spring weather has sprung and hikers are itching to get their boots dirty on the trails. Before you head out to your favorite national park or local urban trail, consider whether you have all of the necessary spring hiking gear you’ll need to stay

CBD and Stress Management

Everyone could use a little zen now and then, especially after dealing with all of the changes that have occurred in the past year due to the pandemic. Incorporating CBD into your stress management routine is a great way to practice self-care duri

Broad Spectrum and Isolate CBD Oil: Good Options for Golfers?

Golfers, both pro and amateur, are eagerly boarding the CBD bandwagon. The benefits of CBD align with the needs of most golfers —the need for pinpoint focus, the desire to push out life’s everyday stressors, and the necessity of keeping your swing

CBD EDU: A Beginner’s Guide to CBD Oil Drops

How Should I Use CBD Oil Drops? CBD oil drops, typically referred to as CBD tinctures, are often formulated with cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, as well as a fat such as coconut oil. The tincture may also include other elements such as flavori

A Chef’s Guide to CBD

If you work in the kitchen, chances are, you’re familiar with long hours spent on your feet with minimal breaks. Working as a chef or line cook can be a stressful, physically demanding job. Being a chef requires physical strength, an impressive at

Goodbye Vapes (For Now)

2021, Social, unfortunately, will be unable to ship our CBD vape products directly to our customers. We know there are likely a lot of questions around this big change, and we are here to help. What happened? In the short version, new regulation

CBD EDU: CBD And Pets 101

Although research on CBD and pets is still limited, some studies have shown that CBD (a beneficial, non-psychoactive substance that comes from the hemp plant) can be helpful to humans as well as their pup and cat counterparts. Below we’ve rounded

CBD EDU: The Lowdown on Gel Capsules

If you’re looking for a no-fuss way to add CBD into your routine, look no further than CBD gel capsules. Gel capsules are the epitome of convenience—they’re easy to pack and store, they have virtually zero taste and there are plenty of options

CBD EDU: A Quick Guide To CBD Gummies

A quick search of CBD gummies online may leave you a bit overwhelmed. There is a plethora of CBD blogs, tutorials and testimonials with varying degrees of helpful information which is why we’ve decided to create an easily digestible guide to answe

CBD EDU: Get To Know CBD Topicals

Ah, topicals. Even the thought of them is therapeutic. CBD topicals include creams, lotions, balms, patches, shampoos, conditioners and even bath bombs. Rule of thumb: If it goes on top of your skin instead of in your tummy, it’s a topical. CBD to

CBD EDU: The Skinny On CBD Drops

Oil drops and tinctures are CBD lifestyle favorites. Taking CBD in oil is a quick and seamless way to reap the benefits of pure hemp extract and it gives CBD novices and experts the ability to measure their own doses accurately and seamlessly.