A Chef’s Guide to CBD

If you work in the kitchen, chances are, you’re familiar with long hours spent on your feet with minimal breaks. Working as a chef or line cook can be a stressful, physically demanding job. Being a chef requires physical strength, an impressive attention to detail, and—of course—good taste.

If your job is to be in and around the kitchen, you could benefit from introducing CBD into your delicious and demanding lifestyle. Read on to learn about some products that can assist with long days and double-shifts. 

Consider trying an extended-release CBD gel capsule

Chefs are known for working in overdrive. Whether you’re an in-home chef or work at a restaurant, your labor skillset is trifold: physical, creative and precise. Throughout the day, you may find yourself feeling exhausted and out of sorts. Whether it’s a restaurant rush or an expectation to feed a family of five, chefs have little time to sit and decompress. This can result in feelings of exhaustion, frustration and at times even burnout. 

To help combat this, consider turning to extended-release gel caps. The reason? They’re basically designed for long days with few breaks. With Social CBD’s Extended Release CBD Gel Capsules, 12-hour targeted release technology will help you reap the benefits of CBD throughout the day. 

These gel capsules offer 50mg of broad-spectrum CBD that can assist with stress, improve the moments of rest you do have and even support muscle recovery for extra sore days. You may enjoy the extended-release during your shift, after your shift, or both. It can bring much-needed reprieve to hard-working food industry folks. After all, you’re the unsung heroes of our current state of affairs. To-go food anyone?

Opt for a hassle-free CBD patch

If a specific part of your body is sore and creaky, such as your wrist, neck, back or shoulder, you can find targeted relief with a CBD patch. The CBD Infused Patch by Social CBD comes in doses ranging from 20mg to 100mg, depending on the potency you require. These patches slowly release CBD over a 24-hour period, so you can find respite from aches and stress throughout the day during work and recovery.

The CBD isolate can be applied to a clean, dry, area and voila! Long days in the kitchen can suddenly seem less hard on the joints. Chefs love CBD patches because you can truly set them and forget them. They’re painless, mess free, easy to apply and easy to forget (but will likely leave you feeling great). What’s best is they work throughout the day!

If your dogs are barking, invest in a CBD foot cream

Yowza! On your feet all day? That can get old fast. A nice CBD foot cream will help you feel pampered and moisturized while also targeting some aches and stiffness in the old tootsies. Our formula includes menthol, which will help cool off aggravated muscles. 

This isolate CBD in conjunction with aloe and shea butter will nourish and soothe the skin. After you wrap up in a clean sock and put on your work shoes, your feet will continue to be moisturized throughout the day. Or, if you prefer to treat yourself at night, a foot rub of this caliber can bring a spa-like feeling to your home. 

If you’re a chef that’s feeling spent, introducing some of the above products into your busy life may lead you to feel refreshed, present and relaxed. And try not to stress—everybody loves you. What would we all be without our favorite foods to eat?