CBD 101

CBD Milligrams: What Do They Mean and Why Do They Matter?

Humans love to measure just about everything in their environment. From looking at a floor plan in a new home to the amount of sugar that’s going into their cookies, people love to be precise. The human desire for exact measurement is for a good reason! Measurements can give you important feedback and proper measurements usually make experiences more enjoyable

While shopping for CBD you may have noticed that there are CBD milligrams listed on your products. This is particularly true of CBD drops and CBD tinctures. CBD for beginners can be a little mysterious. What exactly do CBD milligrams tell you? Does it refer to the CBD potency in the product? How do you pick the best CBD serving for your needs? Here’s a quick guide to CBD milligrams and why they matter.

What Do CBD Milligrams Mean?

CBD milligrams do, in fact, refer to the amount of CBD that is found in the entirety of the product. For example, if you purchase lavender CBD oil drops with 1000 milligrams of CBD, you’ll be consuming 33.3 milligrams of CBD per 1 mL dropper serving. You can get the same product in 500 milligrams, which is 16.7 milligrams per serving, as well as 2000 milligrams, which comes out to 66.6 milligrams in a serving. The more CBD milligrams in any given oil or tincture, the greater the CBD potency of the product.

CBD For Beginners: What Potency Should I Pick?

Depending on your body’s sensitivity to CBD, a greater potency may prevent you from having to take multiple servings for your desired outcome. It’s truly different for every person, so you’ll have to play around with servings and CBD milligrams to find what works best for you.

When looking into CBD as a beginner, it’s best not to start with the highest amount of milligrams available, since you’re uncertain of how CBD will influence your body. As a new CBD user, if you start out with a potency too strong for your system you may not get the results you want, so begin with the lowest number of CBD milligrams at first and adjust potency over time. When you talk to your doctor about using CBD, your general practitioner may have a recommended serving to try starting out. If they don’t give an exact number, just use your best judgment.

CBD For Regulars: How Do You Find The Right Amount?

Just like in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, some amounts of CBD can be too small or too large, while others are just right. To find what’s right for you, there are a few factors to consider. After you’ve been taking CBD at a low serving, you can consider increasing it. Factors that can influence whether you should increase your CBD intake include your body weight, whether you’re getting desired results and your body’s metabolism.

If you have a greater body weight than average, you may need a higher dose in order to benefit from taking CBD. On the flip side, if you have low body weight, you may not need to increase your CBD milligrams at all. If you’re not experiencing the soothing or balancing effects of CBD, no matter your weight, you may need to include another serving into your daily routine or up the milligram level. Are you blessed with a fast metabolism? Consider if you need to up your milligrams or servings to see the results you want. Everybody and everybody is different. Experiment responsibly until you find what’s most useful.

CBD For All Consumers: What Products Can You Find With Varying Potency?

Your favorite products come in all kinds of potency per serving. Here are a few drops you should definitely try and what your options are when looking for the correct amount of CBD milligrams for your body.

Milligrams of CBD Per Serving

Milligrams of CBD per container 375MG 500MG 750MG 1000MG 1500MG 2000MG
Unflavored Isolate CBD Oil Drops 16.7 mg/serving 33.3 mg/serving 66.6 mg/serving
Meyer Lemon Broad Spectrum CBD Drops 12.5 mg/serving 25 mg/serving 50 mg/serving
Peppermint Isolate CBD Oil Drops 16.7 mg/serving 33.3 mg/serving 66.6 mg/serving
Cinnamon Leaf Broad Spectrum CBD Drops 12.5 mg/serving 25 mg/serving 50 mg/serving
Lemon Ginger Isolate CBD Oil Drops 16.7 mg/serving 33.3 mg/serving 66.6 mg/serving

Finding the correct products— with the right CBD milligrams—doesn’t have to be a chore. Simply pick a product that sounds fun and addresses your needs. Most products will come with a choice in potency. If you’re an old pro simply find your desired milligrams per serving. If you’re just starting out. Start with the lowest potency and work your way up over time. Unlike middle school science class, measuring these CBD milligrams can be a good time.