How CBD Changed this Hollywood Star’s Life


Actor, Producer & TV Host, Oliver Trevena, Swears by Social CBD


While LA looks glamorous, there can be very un-glamour parts. To name a few, long days on set, the pressure to perform and look brilliant and then, of course, LA traffic. This British Actor, Producer, and Host, working alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood, uses Social CBD to ensure he can perform and feel his best day in and out.

Social CBD has completely changed my day-to-day in a positive way. I start the day by taking “Balance” which I find levels me out throughout the day and then end the day with the Broad Spectrum Drops (Meyer Lemon being my favorite flavor). In addition, I use the Muscle Rub on my neck and shoulders. I used to always wake up slightly stiff and achy but since this new regime, I sleep brilliantly and jump out of bed in the morning instead of hobbling! Then in a pinch, Social CBD gummies are an amazing addition to chill me out in moments of chaos!”