Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Give the Gift or Rest and Relaxation

As OutKast once said, “This one right here goes out to all the baby’s mamas, mamas, mama’s mamas, baby mama’s mamas.” Around Mother’s Day, these lyrics have never been truer! Mother’s Day this year drops on May 9 and is the perfect excuse to celebrate moms of all kinds—mamas, baby mamas, grandmamas, adoptive mamas and chosen mamas. 

The start of the 2020 decade has been a doozy and it’s arguably been the hardest on moms. Show a mom in your life some extra love with this Mother’s Day CBD gift guide. In it, you’ll find our Mother’s Day product recommendations as well as some other goodies like calming lavender balm, lemon gummies and more. Shop until your mother’s heart’s content. 

Well Rested Gift Set

  • 500MG Peppermint Isolate CBD Drops
  • 10CT Sleep Blackberry Mint CBD Gummies
  • 4X 2CT Rest CBD Gel Caps

There’s a theory that whatever age your kids are during the pandemic is the hardest age to parent. You read that right: Kids of almost any age are the hardest age in these trying times. 

Moms of babies can’t sleep, can’t keep up with the burp and poop messes and desperately need a date night. Moms of toddlers are crazed trying to chase the little ones and are sick of getting screamed at. Moms of school-age kids are sick of the attitude and didn’t sign up to be homeschool teachers. Moms of adult children are heartbroken that their kids and grandkids are dealing with so much, and also that their parenting duties never seem to end no matter how old their kids are.

Needless to say, any mom could use a “Well Rested Mom” gift set. They need rest for goodness sake!

In the “Well Rested Mom” gift set is a 10-count of our Sleep CBD Gummies. These tasty blackberry mint gummies include broad-spectrum CBD as well as valerian root and lemon balm which are sure to give you more than just a wink of sleep. Mom will be thrilled to curl up in her favorite knit blanket, put on her favorite sitcom and drift away into dreamland with the TV still on.

And finally, to round out the gift set, a sample of our Rest CBD Gel Capsules. This easy-to-take formula also includes valerian root and passionflower which will help slow down mama’s overactive mind and help her feel present and treated. 

Calming Lavender CBD Balm Stick

$39.99 or $39.99 $29.99 / month

Lavender Isolate CBD Oil Drops

$39.99$119.99 or from $29.99$89.99 / month

Original CBD Gummies Lemon

$14.99$59.99 or from $11.24$44.99 / month

Well Rested Gift Set

$79.99 $49.99

More Mom Goodies

If the whole bundle doesn’t suit your mom’s taste, you can buy the Rest CBD Body Lotion, Lavender Drops and Lavender Balm all separately. Another option that is bound to brighten Mom’s Day is our Lemon Gummies—they’re cheerful, tangy and destined to bring extra pizazz to her day. 

This May, roll out the red carpet for all the mamas (baby mamas and mama’s mamas) you know with a CBD treat that’s sure to spoil.