Our Top 3 CBD Products For Energy

Once you become an adult you lose that seemingly endless supply of energy you had in your youth. Have you ever wished you could harness even an ounce of that tirelessness to make it through until bedtime? There’s a reason you see so many coffee related tropes on your favorite sitcoms. Having an energy dip during the day is relatable and persistent especially when you’re working hard. 

There are many ways to address waning energy levels, like eating healthier, having a more consistent bedtime and exercising regularly. That said, you may still need or desire a midday boost without having to always turn to coffee or tea. Did you know that adding CBD for energy to your daily routine may offer that pick-me-up you’ve been craving? 

CBD enthusiasts have been reporting greater energy levels for a long time. Their experiences seem to be corroborated by a 2014 study that showed a potential correlation between CBD and wakefulness. Increased energy means better concentration, so you can also use CBD for focus when you’re feeling out of sorts. Here are our top three CBD products that’ll put some pep back into your step. 

Boost CBD Gel Capsules

$64.99 or $48.74 / month

Peppermint Isolate CBD Oil Drops

$39.99$119.99 or from $29.99$89.99 / month

Boost CBD Gel Capsules

CBD gel capsules are an easy way to incorporate CBD into any routine. Just take them with your daily vitamins and you’ll never forget. All of our capsules are free of soy and sugar in case you have an intolerance or are sticking to a diet. 

The best gel capsules that will help you utilize CBD for energy are our Boost CBD Gel Capsules. Why are they so helpful when it comes to giving you a bit of an uplift? That’s simple! To bolster the energizing effect of CBD, the Boost CBD Gel Capsules also contain yerba mate and Moringa. 

If you’ve never heard of yerba mate, it’s a type of tea that’s full of antioxidants and nutrients. It has less caffeine than coffee, but more than a traditional cup of tea, making it a happy medium when you’re looking for a lift in energy. Moringa oleifera is a plant that’s touted as nutritious and full of antioxidants. The combined power of CBD, yerba mate and Moringa create a perfect storm to encourage equilibrium so that you can feel more productive. 

Peppermint Isolate CBD Oil Drops

Were you ever given peppermint candy to munch on during standardized testing? What probably seemed like a treat for sitting through several grueling hours of penciling in Scantron bubbles actually had a higher purpose. Peppermint promotes alertness and helps you focus. 

That’s why we’ve combined the power of peppermint and CBD to create Peppermint Isolate CBD Oil Drops

CBD isolate means that you’re only getting pure CBD, unlike broad or full spectrum CBD, which includes other parts of the hemp plant. Our Peppermint Isolate CBD Oil Drops also include ashwagandha and rhodiola – herbs that have been historically and anciently used to support human health. 

The best part about using these drops of CBD for focus is that you can add them to your food or a drink. You can also take them straight from the dropper. It’s the dealer’s choice. You just might want to pick a food or drink that’s going to complement and enhance the peppermint flavor. 

Original Lemon CBD Gummies

Hoping to feel a little zesty midway through your day, but feeling more like a slug? Try our Original CBD Gummies to utilize the power of CBD for energy. These zesty lemon gummies are made from broad spectrum CBD, fruit juice and natural flavors, giving you the clarity you need to power through the day’s activities. There are no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners in our CBD gummies. They’re just naturally that delicious looking, and much like our capsules, you won’t find any soy inside. The sweet tartness of the lemon will wake up your mouth and your mind. 

Harnessing the power of CBD for energy will make you feel a little more like the superhero you really are. It’ll help you feel more present for the moments that matter to you, your workplace and your family. You can’t go wrong with Boost CBD Gel Capsules, Peppermint Isolate CBD Drops or our Original Lemon CBD Gummies. Pick your favorite flavor profile, and power up!