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Why CBD Lotion Is Getting Rave Reviews

Anyone who has relied on lotion to get them through a long, cold winter will know it’s a life saver. Not only is it refreshing to your skin, but it can also add a touch of luxury to your daily routine. Even when it’s not frigid outside, lotion is

Recharge With This Vanilla Mint Latte Recipe

Cooling, strong and sweet, mint is one of the world’s most-loved and balanced flavors, and it’s certainly one of our favorites. Mint leaves are packed with flavor and that signature scent—if you pick mint fresh, you’ll be smelling it for hours. It

CBD for Better Sleep

You probably don’t wake up from a long slumber looking and feeling like Princess Aurora from the classic Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty. In fact, you may have woken up this morning wondering if you even slept at all. If that sounds like you, you’re

CBD and Mental Wellness

Mental wellness has finally entered the popular arena and is being discussed more openly among friends, families, and doctors. The more mental health is talked about, the more it’s destigmatized. Being able to spread the word about mental healt

CBD and Stress Management

Everyone could use a little zen now and then, especially after dealing with all of the changes that have occurred in the past year due to the pandemic. Incorporating CBD into your stress management routine is a great way to practice self-care duri

Soothe Winter Stiffness With CBD Topicals

It’s February, which is the prime time for our bodies to be grumpy and ache for warmer weather. Between cracked lips, irritated eyes and chafed skin, it’s common to turn to some much needed TLC in an attempt to combat the effects of a long winter.

3 CBD Products To Create A Perfect Spa Night At Home

It’s a well documented fact that we could all use a little de-stressing after a long, agonizing year and many of the typical ways we unwind have been heavily restricted or shut down completely. In fact, the American Psychological Association, wh

Can CBD Help Reduce A Hangover?

Who bought that last round of shots? What was in that shot? Where did I leave my shoes? Why am I covered in confetti? When did I get home? All decisions have inevitable consequences. However, for those of us who enjoy a fun night out with friend

Recipe: Infused Cold Brew Ice Cubes

Are you not quite ready to give up your iced coffee drinks this fall? Keep the summer feels going with a CBD infused cold brew!  Cool down (and chill out) with a CBD infused cold brew! Ingredients Ice tray Homemade or store-bought cold br

How to Use CBD Oil for Sleep

How tired are you right now? If you’re like many of us, your answer probably lands somewhere between slightly sleep-deprived to completely exhausted. Roughly 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders and more and more are s

Relaxed & Rejuvenated: Why Our Chill CBD Gummies Are Essential This Fall

Let’s face it — 2020 has been stressful. A raging pandemic, unprecedented natural disasters, and heated political campaigns all wrapped up tightly in a Chipotle burrito from 2017. Coping with the stress thrust upon us this year can take many

CBD Curious? Here Are 3 Reasons To Give It A Try

If you’ve been curious about the ‘miracle drug’ that is CBD, you’re not alone! Google searches show that millions of people want to know about CBD and it’s seemingly endless health and wellness benefits, but what is it exactly? Cannabidiol —

3 Natural Ways to Unwind After A Long Day

Take a deep breath. You’ve had a long day. The first thing you want to do is open a bottle of wine and turn on your favorite binge-worthy show. Sounds pretty great if you ask us, but the stress and noise in your mind will find its way back one way

Supplements for Better Sleep

Do you struggle with sleep? Welcome to the club of over 164 million Americans who report consistent struggles with catching their Zzzz’s. Sleep (or the lack thereof) is a national crisis— each night, hundreds of millions of people across the count

5 Easy Ways to Stay Stress-Free

World stress, family stress, job stress, and overall life stress overtime can take a huge toll on our mental and physical wellbeing, making you feel out of whack. Finding ways to re-center on what truly matters and tapping back into things that bring