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Where to Start with CBD?

Our Social CBD Team Shares Their Favorite Ways to Incorporate CBD into their Wellness Routine

Whether you use CBD in the morning, noon, or at night there isn’t a wrong way to add this wholesome, powerful plant extract into your wellness routine. It really is a personal preference, varying on your lifestyle and what are your life stressors. No matter how you add CBD into your life, we know it will give you the peace of mind and confidence to take on the day with your best foot forward. 

If you are new to CBD or just looking for alternative ways to incorporate it into your wellness routine, no need to worry, we have inspiration for you straight from our team here at Social CBD.

Ali, Digital Partnerships Manager

“CBD was something I was immediately drawn to as I could feel something lift from my mind after I continuously added to my morning coffee. The previous stress of something like a presentation dulled to a very small buzz vs an earthquake. I was able to think more clearly and tackle projects as my full self.”

Ali’s Morning Coffee

Serving: 1

  • 8 Ounce Strong Coffee
  • ¼ Cup Warmed Oat Milk
  • Dash of Cinnamon
  • 1ml Vanilla Mint Broad Spectrum Drops

Warm oat milk in a mug. Add coffee, cinnamon and Vanilla Mint Broad Spectrum Drops. Mix well with a spoon or milk frother.  Enjoy!

JJ, Chief Marketing Officer

“I’m extremely active first thing in the morning. For me, I use Social CBD Boost Capsules to get me out the door and to my 5:30AM racquetball practice. Just before I start my first game, I’ll smother on Muscle Rub on a rubbish knee to keep it feeling fresh all game long. Post-workout, to reduce my body’s recovery time, I use Social CBD’s Recovery Gel Caps with Curcumin (Tumeric) and Black Pepper. It’s incredible how I have been able to play every weekday for years with the same group and feel like I can recover as if I was my younger self.”

David, Director of Marketing, Sales

Turning my mind off at night has always been an issue for me since I was little. This then causing me to lose sleep and important body recovery time that I really need as I’m an active person. What I have found works best is to take Rest Gel Caps as I start my nighttime routine. This then signals to my body it’s time to slow down and I’m able to drift into sleep much easier when I am ready for bed. I wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day.