Balance In A Bottle

You don't have to wait for the new year to hit “reset”. Creating a supportive, daily routine you can stick to - one that takes your existing healthy habits and enhances them can happen at any time. Building a new routine means refreshing, revitalizing and renewing the person you are right now. Restore balance and reclaim your wellness with the powerful benefits of CBD.

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Social CBD Unflavored Isolate Drops

Unflavored Isolate Drops

Find your inner balance with our Unflavored CBD Isolate Drops, the purest CBD extract available without the flavor. You'll love our most functional isolate drops, as they easily fit into your wellness routine wherever you need the extra daily support. Get your personalized support with a variety of strengths to choose from.

“I use the Isolate CBD Drops to help with my daily routine. This product truly works!” - Teresa
Social CBD Balance CBD Gel Capsules

Balance CBD Gel Capsules

Take the guesswork out of getting the support that you need. Find pure hemp extract in an easy, ready-to-take capsule that perfectly fits into your existing wellness routine. Designed to help you form a solid foundation from the inside out. Each serving contains 33mg of CBD and are gluten and dairy free.

“I think its one of the best purchases I've made. They work great.” - Jennifer B.
Social CBD Balanced Gummies

Balanced Gummies

We're here to make restoring balance easy. Our simple yet effective CBD gummies support everyday wellness with 25mg of broad spectrum hemp extract. Packed with all-natural flavor and plant-based power, these gummies are designed to balance mood, stress, energy, and sleep so you can feel your best.

“Wonderful product. Taste is superior and the quality is superior. Does a fabulous job!” - Jolly
Social CBD Balanced Body & Mind Bundle

Balanced Body & Mind Bundle

Want to create the perfect body and mind routine? This bundle has everything you're looking for and more because it's packed with high quality CBD for your daily needs. Start each day with Balanced Gel Capsule to get the support your body needs. Give your skin the nourishment it deserves with our Daily Calm Lotion. And take a convenient Balance Gummy for the mid-day rebalance we all need.

Refresh Your Routine

Synthetic pain relievers. Junk food. Artificial ingredients. Why is it so hard to let go of what we know isn't good for us? Feel better about feeling better with the powerful properties of CBD. Made with plant-based actives that support your body’s regulation of stress, sleep, and recovery, adding natural CBD to your daily routine promotes less stress in your body and in your life. Give yourself the health that you deserve - and start with choosing CBD.

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What is CBD

CBD, known as cannabidiol, is a plant-based solution that bolsters and supplements the body's natural response system, the Endocannabinoid system, to everyday stress. This system performs homeostatic functions throughout your body and helps regulate sleep, stress response, mood, memory, and inflammation to ultimately make you feel balanced. CBD provides so many benefits without the adverse side effects like THC. No wonder why so many people have turned to CBD to help them improve their wellbeing.

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Why Social CBD™

  • We only offer clean, natural products so you can feel good about how you manage everyday stress
  • We pair high-quality CBD with other plant-based ingredients so you can get the targeted relief you need
  • We test every product so you can trust what you're using
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We know that everybody is unique. That's why we recommend starting with the serving recommendation on the packaging and adjust until you feel your best.

Like most plant-based supplements, CBD works best when you keep a consistent routine.

Nope! CBD is non-psychoactive. Sometimes CBD is mixed up with THC—which will get you high—but they're completely different compounds. All Social CBD products test at 0.0% for THC.