Rethink Your Recovery

Sometimes we can overdo it with our healthy movement. Paired with other physical recovery methods, using CBD consistently may support your body’s recovery from the demands of an active lifestyle. Our hardworking blends of pure hemp extract with active levels of other plant-based ingredients that work in unison to ensure you never miss your next workout.

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Social CBD Extra Strength Muscle Cream

Extra Strength Muscle Cream

Give yourself the gift of instant relief and relaxation. This non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula boosts recovery in one therapeutic, highly concentrated formula. Ancient herbal arnica soothes as menthol provides a comforting and cooling sensation. The addition of aloe hydrates and pampers the skin so you can feel good about what you’re using, always.

“Finally, a potent CBD topical that really works!” - Hector B.
Social CBD Extra Strength Balm Stick

Extra Strength Balm Stick

Looking for fast relief to keep up with your active lifestyle? Our new and improved Extra Strength Relief & Recovery Stick formula makes it easy to rejuvenate your body and restore balance with one convenient stick. It’s creamy, nourishing, and packed with skin-loving, soothing, all-natural ingredients like arnica and cocoa butter.

“When working out and I feel a twinge in my lower back or knee, I rub on some of this wonder balm and soon it is as good as new.” - Denise
Social CBD Recovery Gel Caps

Recovery Gel Caps

Rethink your recovery by taking care of your body from the inside out. Our hardworking blend of pure CBD extract with active levels of turmeric and black pepper help support you in the demands of your physically and mentally challenging lifestyle.

“Notice a huge difference in how I feel while taking this, all positive!” - Jolayne K.

Recover Smarter, Not Harder

However you choose to move, CBD can be that workout buddy you need to keep you balanced and motivated. By practicing a holistic recovery ritual that includes CBD, you’ll never be “too sore” or “too tired” to take on your next session. Grab your favorite recovery product and get back to your workout schedule.

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Why Social CBD™

  • We only offer clean, natural products so you can feel good about how you manage your daily wellness routine
  • We pair high-quality CBD with other plant-based ingredients so you can get the targeted relief you need
  • We test every product so you can trust what you're using
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We know that everybody is unique. That's why we recommend starting with the serving recommendation on the packaging and adjust until you feel your best.

You can use CBD topicals before or after your movement sessions, or both! Recover Gel Capsules can be used daily as a part of your wellness routine.