CBD Topicals

Ease your body and mind. Social CBD topicals support healthy recovery while nourishing the skin. Get your daily dose of skin therapy with our range of CBD lotions and balms

mega:Deliver serious targeted care to where you need it most

Topical CBD Oil

Get a CBD oil that works as hard as you do. Our topical CBD oil features a combination of potent, pure CBD hemp extract and powerful natural ingredients that when applied to a targeted area can provide some much-needed relief.

Our topical CBD oil is available in the following varieties:

Muscle Rub: CBD Muscle Recovery

Lightweight and quick absorption, this smooth formula spreads easily across the target area, providing fast-acting benefits. Formulated with Aloe, Vitamin E, Tea Tree oil, and menthol, delivering an instant cooling sensation to the applied area.

Muscle Balm Stick: CBD Recovery Balm

A potent combination of pure CBD hemp extract, menthol, and arnica for powerful comfort. Select between Cooling Mint or Calming Lavender, providing the appropriate sensation for every occasion. No mess, no fuss. Just a clean, easy, glide-on application.

Infused Patch: CBD Topical Patch

CBD the way it should be: easy. Simply apply the patch to the target area and get on with your day. Designed with your life in mind—activities like swimming, showering, and sweating will not affect the patch. Available in a variety of potencies and quantities, experiencing the daily benefits of Social CBD has never been easier.

Body Lotion: Rest CBD Body Lotion

Treat your body and mind to our luxurious Sleep Body Lotion. This lotion will transform your bedtime routine with essential oils of soothing lavender, calming chamomile, and relaxing bergamot to create an aromatherapy melody designed to put you in the right headspace for a great night’s rest.

Best CBD Topicals

While looking for the best CBD capsules, we find that it’s important to focus on companies that ensure their CBD products are Pure, Powerful, and Honest.

Here’s how we at Social CBD ensure our products remain the highest quality:

Testing for purity and potency is a critical part of our process—the CBD used in our products is tested again and again and again, at every stage of production.

Our promise is 0.0% THC and powerful CBD. Legally, CBD products can have up to 0.3% THC—but that doesn’t fly with us. That’s why we go the extra step to truly extract the THC out of our products, leaving you with what you’re looking for: pure hemp solutions without the risk of psychoactive effects.

Other CBD companies talk the talk, but only a handful walk the walk. That’s why if you’re ever in doubt, just look to our boxes. Every box has a QR code and a Lot Code or Lab ID. With that code, you can find the test results on our site for that specific batch of CBD. Let us repeat that – these aren’t general CBD test results – these test results are unique to your Social CBD product.